Key Stakeholders

Active stakeholder engagement and dialogue is an integral part of our sustainability commitment. It is a key component of our action plans, and our business units develop fit-for-purpose solutions to assess and address stakeholder priorities at all stages of operations. Our stakeholders are as diverse as the communities they live in or the organizations they represent. The breadth of the perspectives they provide gives us a greater understanding of not only concerns and expectations, but also options and opportunities to create lasting value. We engage with our stakeholders in a range of ways as we work to improve our performance.

Stakeholder Priorities 2020

Supporting Industry Dialogue

We actively work with different organizations and associations around the world to ensure we have a full understanding of the issues and trends facing our industry and company. The benefits we receive from trade and industry associations range from best practice sharing to technical standard setting and issue advocacy. We do not always agree with all positions taken by the organizations that we work with. For example, we may not always agree with the positions they take on climate change or regulatory reform. In these cases, we make our views known and seek to influence their policy positions. We have strong governance around our association activities and annually report on trade association memberships with dues more than $50,000.