Local Stakeholder Engagement

We are committed to respectfully engaging with local stakeholders — those who impact or may be impacted by our business — to understand their values and interests, reduce the impact of our operations and contribute to economic opportunities. We build long-term benefits for both the company and local communities by first listening to understand concerns, finding mutually agreeable solutions to mitigate these concerns through our actions and then integrating them into planning and decision-making.

2019 Performance Highlights

  • Amended the development plan for our Willow project in Alaska in response to Indigenous community feedback.
  • Addressed community challenges for education, healthcare, roads, housing and workforce development through our support of the Permian Strategic Partnership.
  • Continued to implement a water management plan for our Montney drilling project in Canada to mitigate concerns of a local Indigenous community.

In addition to the communities near our operations, we also engage with government representatives, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, industry associations and the financial sector. We also participate in multi-stakeholder forums to gain diverse and valuable perspectives as we continuously work to improve our sustainable development programs and initiatives. Learn more about our broad range of stakeholders.