Integrating Sustainability

We have been on a journey to integrate sustainability into planning and decision making for decades. Even before our first Sustainable Development report was published in 2005, we had implemented a process to identify and manage environmental and social issues and assess performance. That process has evolved significantly over the years as our understanding of how to deliver value to a range of key stakeholders developed, and as the risk and opportunity trends in science, demographics, technology and policy have changed. We published our first sustainable development (SD) position and climate change position in 2003. Since that time, we have updated those positions and developed positions on water, biodiversity, human rights and diversity and inclusion. We also continue to refine our governance structure to ensure sustainability risks and opportunities are managed throughout the organization. Our systems-based approach, by design, includes continuous improvement and internal assurance. 

2019 Performance Highlights

  • Upgraded SD Risk Management Practice to a standard to increase corporate oversight assurance and consistency of approach across the business.
  • Created performance criteria for the employee bonus program to drive and measure progress on SD priority risks.
  • Updated our global energy model to cover a range of transition outcomes for use in strategic planning.
  • Worked within the broad coalition of Climate Leadership Council members to define the implementation plan for the carbon dividends framework in the U.S.