Ryan Lance

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Leads the company in driving a unique combination of organic growth, financial returns and an attractive yield

W. L. (Bill) Bullock, Jr.

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Leads the teams responsible for finance, commercial, acquisitions and divestitures

Tim Leach

Executive Vice President, Lower 48

Leads the company’s Lower 48 operations

Ellen DeSanctis

Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations

Leads an integrated team responsible for investor relations, communications, brand, charitable investments and corporate events

Andrew Lundquist

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

Leads a team who serve as the voice of ConocoPhillips in addressing highly complex public policy issues with governments around the world

Dominic E. Macklon

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Technology

Leads the teams responsible for corporate planning and development, global technical functions, information technology and sustainable development

Nick Olds

Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Leads the teams responsible for the company’s global operations

Kelly Rose

Senior Vice President, Legal and General Counsel

Serves as counsel providing oversight on all legal issues impacting the corporation

Heather Sirdashney

Vice President, Human Resources and Real Estate and Facilities Services

Leads the teams responsible for human resources and real estate and facilities services