Our Life Saving Rules are visual reminders with easy to follow minimum requirements to keep our workforce safe during high-risk operations. They are part of our safe work cycle that includes planning, execution, verification and correction. The Life Saving Rules were refreshed in 2019 with the addition of a Line of Fire rule. The new rule is focused on establishing and honoring barriers and exclusion zones so that workers can avoid line-of-fire hazards. Our refreshed Life Saving Rules, a continued emphasis on process safety and increased organizational learning contributed to a decline in high consequence events, process safety events, environmental spills and personal injuries in 2019.  

In 2019 we achieved a new company safety record achieving our lowest workforce total recordable incident rate (TRR), but this was overshadowed by the fatality of a contract worker on a drilling rig. This was our first incident resulting in fatal injuries in nearly six years. This tragic incident was thoroughly investigated, and we have incorporated learnings into the way we work globally.

Lost Workday Case Rate & Total Recordable Incident Rates Graphs

Sector Injury Rates


We compare our TRR to oil and gas peers and to other industries. Our workforce TRR of 0.14 in 2019 leads the industry.