Our goal is to prevent all injuries, occupational illnesses and incidents. 

Our vision is to increase operational reliability and resiliency, and we believe that begins with learning. By being curious about how work is done, mindful of risks and committed to predicting errors, we can minimize or eliminate the likelihood of unexpected events.   

We define human performance as the way people, equipment, work processes and culture interact as a system. By introducing human performance concepts and enhancing leadership behaviors that promote learning, we are reenergizing our existing HSE processes and tools. We are specifically focused on reducing the outcome of human error by improving the interaction between individuals, critical controls and systems, by recognizing error-likely situations, and by applying safeguards to reduce the likelihood of error.   


HSE Human PerformanceBy applying a learning mindset and human performance concepts, we are increasing our capacity to safely manage work and critical activities. Across our operations, we take learnings from past events or near misses and use them to improve our procedures, training, maintenance programs and designs. Understanding how people work enhances our ability to identify potential risks and verify safeguards to mitigate them. 

We have processes in place to encourage candid dialogue on the work being done and to share ideas that promote operational reliability and resilience. Learning teams are facilitated sessions in which the team and facilitator discuss successful work or an unplanned event to better understand the context of how the work was done. Our Opportunity to Learn process enables information to be shared quickly following an incident or near miss so learnings can be recognized and applied to other applicable locations to prevent repeat incidents.

This approach is reinforced through additional activities such as verification of personal and process safety safeguards, and meaningful leadership engagement with field operations.