Our corporate HSE Management System Standard helps ensure that business activities are consistently conducted in a safe, healthy, environmentally and socially responsible manner across the globe. Our corporate standard aligns with, and is based on, industry standards such as ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.  In accordance with the corporate standard, each business unit maintains an HSE Management System to assess and manage the local operational risks to the business, employees, contractors, stakeholders and the environment.  

All our business units periodically review their HSE management systems against the corporate standard and are responsible for integrating HSE and sustainability issues into day-to-day operations, project development and decision making. They analyze current status, identify areas for potential improvement, and then implement key activities to reduce risk and further improve HSE performance. They are held accountable through an annual performance assessment.  

Objectives, targets and deadlines are set and tracked annually to improve our HSE performance. Targets and progress are reported to our Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Directors.  

Corporate HSE audits manage and maintain a process to provide an independent, objective and consistent assessment for global company-wide operations. Business units have auditing processes to provide an assessment of compliance with applicable HSE legal requirements and conformance with ConocoPhillips HSE policies, standards and practices.  

Results of closure on corrective actions from audits and other risk improvement items are annually reported through a process designed to ensure items are communicated through all levels of company management and driven to appropriate resolution in a timely manner.  

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