Preserving History, Helping our Neighbor

On Alaska’s North Slope, Nuiqsut is the community closest to our operations. Building strong relationships with the communities near our operations is a key priority. In 2019, a ConocoPhillips team helped Nuiqsut resident Lydia Sovalik relocate her family’s cabins along the eroding Nigliq Channel riverbank. Sovalik’s brother built the two cabins in 1950, on a plot of land her father obtained in 1948. After hearing that the family was in danger of losing their two historic cabins, a crew from ConocoPhillips worked with Sovalik’s grandson to move them away from the channel, so that future generations could continue subsistence activities on their land. Recognizing and respecting the choice of Indigenous communities to live as distinct peoples, with their own cultures and relationships to the land, is a cornerstone of our operations.