Sustainable Development is about conducting our business to promote economic growth, a healthy environment and vibrant communities, now and into the future. We believe that this approach will enable us to deliver long-term value and satisfaction to our shareholders and our stakeholders.

Sustainable Development is fully aligned with our vision, to be the E&P company of choice for all stakeholders by pioneering a new standard of excellence, and our SPIRIT Values.

Our Focus

To deliver on our commitments, we will prioritize issues, establish plans for action with clear goals and monitor our performance. In addition, we will develop the following company-wide competencies to successfully promote sustainable development:

  • Integration — Clearly and completely integrate economic, social and environmental considerations into strategic planning, decision-making and operating processes.
  • Stakeholder Engagement — Engage our stakeholders to understand their diverse and evolving expectations and incorporate that understanding into our strategies.
  • Life-Cycle Management — Manage the full life-cycle impacts of our operations, assets, and products.
  • Knowledge Management — Share our successes and failures to learn from our experiences.
  • Innovation — Create a culture that brings new, innovative thinking to the challenges of our evolving business environment.

Our Expectations

Through delivering on our commitments to sustainable development, we will be the best company to have as a supplier, investment, employer, partner and neighbor.