Taking Technology to the Next Level

Fluid Science​

Scientists and engineers research fluids used in drilling, completion and hydraulic fracturing.

You may not think of us as a high-tech company. But we are. Across the world, our investments in technology yield more efficient, economical and environmentally sound ways to find and produce oil and natural gas.

Innovation isn’t just one of our values – it’s a part of everything we do, ranging from the invention of ideas to solve problems to the development, industrialization and deployment of technology to find and produce oil and natural gas. We focus on applying the most leveraging technologies where they can create the best value. We do this in a variety of ways, including building strong technical competencies, recruiting and developing highly talented scientists and engineers, understanding and managing risks, collaborating across disciplines, engaging and collaborating with technology partners, and making sound investments.

We’ve established several technology programs focusing on areas to support our business growth plans and ensure a clear line of sight to our corporate strategy, including:

  • Developing unconventional reservoirs.
  • Producing oil sands and heavy oil economically with fewer emissions.
  • Improving our competitiveness in deepwater.
  • Advancing LNG capabilities to produce gas solutions.
  • Implementing sustainability measures.

Improved collaboration and integration help identify, qualify, exploit and deploy technologies across the reservoir life cycle in support of our growth targets. We’re disciplined in our execution of technology projects, particularly the industrialization, qualification and deployment of technology in ConocoPhillips operations, in order to improve the economic impact of our technology spend.​