In 2010, ConocoPhillips launched the Global Water Sustainability Center to study technology related to produced water and desalination. Located in Doha, Qatar, the group’s research aims to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for treating and recycling produced water from the oil and gas industry, as well as providing support to Qatargas and our global assets on water related projects.

The GWSC activities focus on the following areas of water sustainability:

  • Research and Technology: Developing new technologies to address future challenges
  • Global Operations: Addressing challenging water issues for our assets
  • Qatargas: Supporting joint venture operations in Qatar
  • Environmental Responsibility: Promoting water conservation and sustainability programs

Petroleum reservoirs frequently contain large amounts of formation water that comes to the surface along with oil or natural gas, so water management is one of the key global challenges faced by the oil and natural gas industry.  Our scientists are conducting groundbreaking research and using state-of-the-art analytical techniques to advance the science around produced water, seawater desalination and water reuse and recycling. Examples of recent projects includes:

  • Demonstrating a novel osmotic concentration process for volume reduction of produced water from Qatari gas fields
  • Application of an innovative membrane process for removing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from by-product water
  • Development of analytical methods for residual monitoring of field chemicals
  • Addressing flow assurance operational challenges for Qatargas  

GWSC is also working on enhancing awareness of water conservation in the State of Qatar. The facility includes a Water Visitor Center with interactive, hands-on exhibits to educate local school children about the role that individuals can play in contributing to water sustainability and the technologies used to produce fresh water in Qatar. The GWSC also partners with local Qatari governmental agencies to enhance awareness of environmental sustainability in the region.

 We’re proud to be at the forefront of water sustainability. The Global Water Sustainability Center reflects our commitment to using innovative solutions to address issues of global concern.