Engaging with Stakeholders

ConocoPhillips' stakeholder engagement activities are an integral part of our sustainable development commitments

​Stakeholder Engagement Network

An internal Stakeholder Engagement Network enables employees, who have a wealth of different experiences, to learn from each other and share their insights into working with our stakeholders and implementing our sustainable development commitments. The network offers an online discussion forum where participants can seek advice from their peers and access a library of member-posted examples of stakeholder engagement in action. The library also offers tools, from internal management systems and external resources.

The Stakeholder Engagement Network provides an opportunity for the company and stakeholder engagement and social issues practitioners to: 

  • Continuously improve integration of stakeholder engagement principles, sustainable development commitments, and our human rights position into business planning and processes. 
  • Collaborate on the development of strategies and approaches to stakeholder engagement, social issues and human rights.
  • Share best practices and tools to enhance quality and consistency of stakeholder engagement and raise awareness of links between local and global issues and stakeholders.
  • Evaluate and update stakeholder engagement, social issues and human rights tools and procedures. 
  • Enhance the professional development of practitioners. 
  • Provide a resource for non-stakeholder engagement professionals in their engagements with communities and other external stakeholders.