Annie Schanock

YES Prep Brays Oaks
YES Prep Charter Schools
Annie Schanock

Annie has been an eighth-grade math and Algebra I teacher at YES Prep Brays Oaks since January 2015 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Mathematics.

Her success in the classroom is rooted in a fundamental belief that all students can achieve in math. She enjoys building relationships with her students to support high academic standards. She uses encouragement and humor to connect with her students and build confidence in their academic abilities.

Annie has made a great impact on school-wide culture by founding and sponsoring the Mathletes Club on campus. Students in the Mathletes Club spend their time outside of the classroom practicing math and preparing for competitions outside of the city of Houston, tutoring local elementary students, and designing and sporting their Mathletes sweatshirts.

As a result of these efforts, many students take risks in their math education, including doubling up in Algebra II and Geometry and enrolling in AP-level courses.