Water is an essential natural resource for communities, ecosystems and economic development. It is also integral to our operations. We recognize that fresh water is a limited resource in some parts of the world and its availability may change in the future. While water scarcity is an important issue globally, the solutions for constrained availability are often local. All users – domestic, agriculture and industry – will need to effectively manage supplies to meet demands.

Our Focus

We have a risk-based approach and integrate water strategy and risk management into our long-range planning and business processes. Our corporate action plan focuses on the following areas:

  • Understanding our water footprint for operations including use of freshwater and produced water management.
  • Managing operations through integrated risk-based decision-making.
  • Supporting protection of groundwater and surface water by adhering to internal well-integrity procedures and safe water management practices.
  • Leveraging our Water Solutions team, including the Global Water Sustainability Center in Doha, Qatar to evaluate commercial and innovative water technologies for COP deployment.
  • Addressing risks and opportunities through use of non-fresh water sources, reusing and recycling of produced water and improving water quality prior to discharge.
  • Engaging externally through collaboration with industry peers, suppliers, regulatory agencies, academia, nongovernment organizations, communities and indigenous peoples to develop innovative solutions and increase capacity for managing water risks.
  • Building capacity through sharing of experience and good practices for managing water risks.

Our Expectations

Through this approach we manage our water risks and contribute to sustainable water management. Through our individual and collaborative efforts, we strive to align our actions with societal values for protecting and conserving fresh water resources and to support improved water management performance across the industry.