Technology Ventures

Venture Capital

Our Technology Ventures group provides direct investment and business development expertise to small, external startups, both on its own and through Energy Technology Ventures, a joint project with General Electric and NRG Energy.


  Company Technology
BiSN* Expanding plugs for creating airtight (V0 rated) metal-to-metal seals downhole
​Blue Spark Energy Near wellbore stimulation technique achieved by a wire line tool that converts standard electrical power into repeatable, high power hydraulic impulses
​Ciris Energy* ​Accelerated microbial coal-to-methane conversion
Foro Energy* Laser drilling tools
General Compression Advanced compressed air energy storage
​Lance-energy services ​Organophobic membrane technology for water filtration
LUX Assure In-field corrosion inhibitor measurement
Maana Maana is the analytics platform that operationalizes big data insights into line-of-business applications. Maana makes it easy for enterprises to turn data from multiple silos into continuous insights in days.
Modumetal Nano-layered coatings to improve material performance
​Raptor Oil ​High-speed wireless acoustic telemetry for downhole applications
​Saltworks Technologies ​Desalination of low to high salinity waters, advanced separations, industrial waste water treatment, brine treatment and concentration, and solids production
Skyonic CO2 capture and mineralization
Ziebel* Easily deployable well integrity and sensing

* Portfolio companies of both ConocoPhillips direct and Energy Technology Ventures


  Company Technology
Taxon Biosciences Data-driven, technology platform for resolving, validating, and commercializing microbiome-based products from any environmental setting
​Glori Energy Microbial enhanced oil recovery


Company Technology
1366 Technologies Breakthrough silicon PV manufacturing
ArcticSand Ultra-compact, high-efficiency power converters
CoolPlanetBioFuels Biomass and natural gas to gasoline
Emefcy Water treatment with electricity generation
Ioxus Next-generation ultra capacitors
Oblong Next-generation collaboration software for any device anywhere
Onramp Wireless Remote wireless monitoring, sensing and control
Zilift Permanent magnet motor-driven artificial lift