Operating Safely

Operating safely according to HSE standards


Together, we work toward the goal of zero injuries, illnesses and incidents. Developing a strong culture of safety and delivering superior safety performance is achieved by having engaged leadership working with a committed and skilled workforce. Working safely is embedded in our culture, and each employee and contract worker has the right to stop any job they believe to be unsafe.

Our improvement in safety performance has resulted in significantly fewer people being injured, but we cannot rest on that success.

Our 8 Life Saving Rules, designed to reduce risks during critical activities, provide an added measure of protection and strengthen our existing Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System. They serve to guide the behavior of employees and contractors, and are independently assured and verified on the job for all critical work tasks.      

We are accountable for our actions and are always looking to continually improve. If a potential hazard is identified through a near miss or other hazard analysis, we believe reporting the problem is not enough; we implement corrective actions to address the root cause in order to eliminate recurrence. We also have a strong focus on sharing incident learnings broadly across our operations in an effort to eliminate repeat incidents.

Safety leadership is a key responsibility of line management. Employee participation is a critical component to our safety efforts and can be evidenced through work in various safety committees, behavioral based safety observation programs and industry forums.

Through the implementation of HSE Management Systems, our businesses identify and eliminate work hazards and risks. Business unit HSE management systems are assessed periodically using the company Operations Excellence process, an integrated systematic and collaborative approach, to guide continuous improvement and ultimately achieve the highest standards of excellence. They analyze current status, identify areas for potential improvement, and then implement key activities to reduce risk and further enhance HSE performance.