Teaching locals to use the computer

We recognize and respect the choice of indigenous communities to live as distinct peoples, with their own cultures and relationships to the land. Wherever our operations neighbor with indigenous communities, we seek to partner and engage with them to diminish the negative aspects of our operations and maximize the social and economic benefits we can bring. Areas where we explore or operate near these communities include the United States, Canada, Australia and Indonesia. Our approach to such relationships is governed by national laws of the countries in which we are working, social performance guidance, our own positions on sustainable development and human rights, and our core SPIRIT Values of Safety, People, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, and Teamwork. An update was given to the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility in New York in March 2018 and information specific to our engagement with Alaska Natives was presented in September 2016.

Engagement and Consultation

When engaging with indigenous peoples, we seek first to understand their social hierarchy, culture and traditions, as well as their priorities, expectations and preferences for dialogue. We engage with indigenous communities at the regional, local and individual levels by meeting regularly with regional governments, community associations, and local leaders.

We seek to honor cultures of indigenous groups by taking steps to learn about indigenous societies so that we know how to properly demonstrate respect in our relationships.

Some of our larger businesses have cultural awareness training that is required at all levels of the organization. In many cases, our stakeholder engagement leaders and business leaders will educate themselves through mentors in the indigenous community or through the help of local experts.