We manage water risks and mitigate potential impacts to water resources, taking into account the unique hydrologic, quality, use and ecological settings of each basin or offshore marine area. For every barrel equivalent of energy we produce, we manage about two barrels of water, including:

  • Withdrawing it from local fresh surface water and groundwater or non-fresh groundwater and seawater sources for use at our facilities and operations to produce natural gas and oil.
  • Managing it as produced water, as part of the natural gas and oil production process.
  • Reusing or recycling it to use as an alternative to local water resources for enhanced oil recovery, steam generation and hydraulic fracturing.
  • Discharging it from offshore operations after treatment in accordance with local water quality regulations.
  • Disposing of it in disposal wells in accordance with local regulations.

Water sourcing and produced water disposal for our unconventional assets continue to be priority risks for our business and stakeholders.

2019 Performance Highlights

  • Enabled produced water recycling through installation of central gathering, distribution and treatment facilities for China Draw and Montney assets.
  • Developed local produced water recycling targets for China Draw and Montney assets.
  • Improved unconventional freshwater consumption intensity.
  • Achieved performance goal for oil in water concentration in produced water discharges in Norway.