We recognize that HIV/AIDS is a global pandemic resulting in the death of over 3 million people every year, with potential to grow unless concerted action is taken to check the spread of the disease. There remains a significant stigma associated with this disease, which limits willingness of infected individuals to seek effective diagnosis, which frequently results in social and workplace discrimination. There are now treatments available which make HIV/AIDS a manageable chronic illness for those infected with this disease to live normal and productive lives. Yet economic and technical limitations in much of the developing world have created disparities between developed and developing countries, in their ability to effectively manage spread of the disease and treatment of infected individuals.

Our Focus & Expectations

To the extent that HIV/AIDS affects the health of our employees and their dependents and represents a significant public health risk where our employees live and work we will work to identify, use and otherwise support community-based resources and programs that recognize and seek to mitigate the social stigma and adverse impact of HIV/AIDS, emphasize preventive education and provide early intervention and long-term treatment.