Operating Safely


Process Safety

Process safety is achieved by using special precautions, or barriers, to keep our facilities safe and our products in the pipe, eliminating potential impact to people, property or the environment. This includes the prevention, control and mitigation of unintentional releases of hazardous material or energy from containment.

It’s imperative that all employees understand the importance of process safety, and that consistent practices and processes are embedded with our work systems to prevent process safety events. Our Process Safety Strategy is helping us to provide structure to existing processes and programs and focus on training, communication, standards and governance.

By providing an expanded process safety audit protocol, participating in targeted operational reviews, and performing Life Saving Rules verification, compliance will be ensured to help drive better process safety performance. A metrics procedure for reporting of near miss and process safety metrics drives a greater focus on reporting leading metrics. Ongoing monitoring of our process safety performance through structured data reviews helps to identify trends and commonalities among process safety events to highlight areas of focus.