Integration of Sustainability into Business Process

Sustainable development requirements are integrated from planning throughout the life-cycle phase of ConocoPhillips' businesses
Sustainable Development Strategies
and Action Plans​
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Company-wide action plans are our framework for driving performance. They are 3 to 5-year plans with specific, measurable goals and accountability for results. Our company-wide action plans address key aspects of issues, assign clear accountability for commitments, and drive goal setting and engagement. Our business units also create action plans to define specific goals and targets to address priorities of the business, stakeholders and assets in that region. Each action plan includes specific detailed actions with clear accountabilities and timetables. 

We consider a range of insights on the external context when evaluating appropriate actions to take on key sustainability issues in our businesses and functions. Work on an issue may begin with improving our understanding of the issue, developing measurements of key data, or assessing risks and opportunities. As issues mature, the company develops strategies and specific action plans to address them. The planning process is designed to prompt appropriate action for adapting to a range of possible future scenarios.   

We incorporate sustainability into our supply chain and engage with our suppliers on sustainable development and social responsibility. We also set expectations for suppliers.   
Our forward-looking goals and commitments on key issues are contained in the action plans. Our action plan framework takes a complete management system approach to driving performance.