Helping Families Focus on their Most Important Job

Effective, Jan. 1, 2020, ConocoPhillips will increase its paid parental leave from two weeks to six weeks for all parents – fathers, mothers, adoptive parents and partners alike. Maternity leave will also increase to provide all birth mothers eight weeks of paid leave versus the current range of six to eight weeks. When combined with the enhanced parental leave benefit, birth mothers will be eligible for up to 14 weeks of paid leave following the birth of their child. U.S. employees who became new parents in 2019 are eligible for these benefits starting Jan. 1, 2020.

“We must be a company that doesn’t expect employees to choose between work and family,” said Ellen DeSanctis, senior vice president, Corporate Relations, and executive sponsor of the Parents Network. “This is especially true in the early stages of parenting, but it’s also true over the course of a career as family circumstances change.”

Cherishing every moment

“We want employees to feel empowered to use these benefits,” said Dominic Macklon, president, Lower 48. “All parents deserve to be able to spend time with their families during this important time.”

Evan Lamoreux, supervisor, Completions Engineering and his wife Cristin are busier than ever after the recent arrival of their son, Lawson. “I know this will impact many families throughout ConocoPhillips in such a positive way. Growing your family is such an important time, and I feel so fortunate that ConocoPhillips recognizes that and is doing so much to ensure both moms and dads get the time they need to be home with their families during this time of great change.”

‘A giant benefit’ for new parents

Hal Mead, director, Corporate Planning & Portfolio Management and father of four, said the policy changes set ConocoPhillips apart from other companies, allowing the company to better attract and retain employees who plan on starting or adding to their families.

“It means that ConocoPhillips is not just a great place to work, but it is an even better place to build a career,” Hal said. “The ability to maintain work/life balance is critical for longevity, and this is a giant benefit for individuals who want to raise a family.” Hal and his wife, Stephanie, adopted their youngest child, Sam, when he was 23 months.

Megan Gosnell, supervisor, Williston Implementation & Planning, was pleased to see ConocoPhillips continue to support employees’ lives beyond the office. “I do not plan to have more children, but as a supervisor and parent, I’m thrilled to support my team in having this additional time off during a critical time in their lives, especially for non-birth parents,” said Megan, adding that it’s important for supervisors like her to encourage employees to take advantage of this benefit.

“There’s more than one way to have and raise a family,” said Kelly Rose, senior vice president, Legal, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, and executive sponsor of the Pride Network. “These changes reinforce an inclusive culture that recognizes and promotes the diversity of employees and their families.”

More fulfilled and focused

Mo Chahal, supervisor, Permian Asset, and Jessica Chahal, senior corporate assurance analyst, are expecting their first child this fall. Both are excited about the new changes.

“Although I was already planning on taking time off after the birth, it’s great to know that Mo will also be able to focus on being a new parent and bond with our new baby,” Jessica said.

“Being able to spend more time with my child in his early development will help me feel more fulfilled in my role as a parent and ensure that I am refreshed and focused on my return to work,” Mo said. “Parenting is an exciting but potentially stressful time and the extended parental leave will help Jessica, baby Chahal and I to progress on this journey as a tight family unit right from the start.”

“We’re excited about these U.S. benefits changes,” said Chairman and CEO Ryan Lance. “And we’re committed to continuing to look for ways to help our employees be successful both at work and at home. That’s the key to attracting and retaining our world-class workforce.”