Condemning Racial Injustice, Championing Human Rights

As a company, we are committed to eliminating bias and injustice in all its forms. We strive to represent and reflect the global communities in which we live and work, including recognizing the dignity of all human beings and fostering an environment of inclusion that respects individual contributions and differences. ConocoPhillips Chairman and CEO Ryan Lance and other members of the Business Roundtable recently reinforced this value by publishing a statement condemning racial inequity. ConocoPhillips is a participant in the Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights (VPSHR), which states that “force should be used only when strictly necessary and to an extent proportional to the threat; and the rights of individuals should not be violated while exercising the right to exercise freedom of association and peaceful assembly.”

In our hometown of Houston, Lance encouraged and recognized the efforts of the Houston Police Department (HPD) and mayor to apply these and HPD's own stated principles in their approach to the demonstrations taking place in our city. We believe that police forces in every city should follow these principles and Lance also encouraged the International Association of Chiefs of Police to do the same.