The Committee on Directors’ Affairs regularly evaluates the size and composition of the board and continually assesses whether the composition appropriately serves ConocoPhillips’ strategic needs, which change as our business environment evolves.

Board Refreshment

Board Evaluation

  • Each director performs a self-evaluation and an evaluation of each peer.
  • Committee on Directors' Affairs regularly reviews evaluations.
  • Committee on Directors' Affairs periodically retains independent third party to manage evaluation process.

Read more about our board selection process in our Proxy Statement.

Director Election

  • Elected at annual stockholder meeting.
  • Vacancies created between meetings are filled by a majority vote of remaining directors.
  • Director candidates possess the highest personal and professional ethics, integrity and values.
  • Directors reflect a range of talents, ages, skills, personal attributes and expertise. 

Read more about our board selection process in our Proxy Statement.


When conducting its review of the appropriate skills and qualifications desired of directors, the Committee on Directors’ Affairs considers diversity of age, skills, gender and ethnicity. As part of the board refreshment and succession planning processes, the board balances its commitment to maintaining institutional knowledge with the need for diverse perspectives.

Diversity Facts 

Woman Directors
of Committees Chaired by a Woman
Median Age
Directors with 4-6 years of service
Directors with 7-10 years of service
Directors with 0-3 years of service

Board Skills and Experience Diversity

icon - ceoCEO or senior officer
Financial reporting Industry CEO or senior officer experience demonstrates a practical understanding of organizations, processes, strategy, risk, and risk management.
icon - reportingFinancial reporting
Financial reporting, audit knowledge, and experience in capital markets, both debt and equity, are critical to ConocoPhillips’ success.
icon - industryIndustry
Industry experience provides valuable perspective on issues specific to our business within the energy industry.
icon - globalGlobal
Global business or international experience provides valued perspectives on how well we grow our businesses outside the United States.
icon - regulatoryRegulatory/government
Regulatory/government experience offers valuable insight into how the energy industry is heavily regulated and directly affected by governmental actions and decisions.
icon - environmentEnvironmental/sustainability
Environmental/sustainability experience ensures that strategic business essentials and long-term value creation for stockholders are achieved with a responsible, sustainable business model.
icon - technologyTechnology
Technology expertise adds exceptional value to our Board as we increasingly utilize our global data assets to monitor and optimize our operations.
icon - public servicePublic company board service
Public company board service experience supports our goals of strong board and management accountability, transparency, and protection of stockholder interests.
icon - human managementHuman capital management
Human capital management experience is essential for effective oversight on matters such as culture, succession planning, development and retention.