Phillips Chemical Company Formed

Phillips forms a new subsidiary, Phillips Chemical Company, and becomes one of the first oil companies to install electrostatic precipitators at refineries to reduce air emissions.



Supporting the Allied Effort

Early 1940s - Phillips invents the HF Alkylation process, which makes high-octane aviation fuel possible. Conoco operates a separate refinery to manufacture high-octane aviation gasoline for the U.S. government, boosting the power of Allied airplanes. To fill jobs previously performed by men, over 1,000 women are hired, many wearing blue denim overalls adorned with the trademark Conoco red triangle.

Supporting the Allied Effort
Fuel for planes
Woman in the industry
Women in the industry 



Traveling PillowConoco Travel Bureau Debuts

Late 1930s - Conoco debuts clever marketing programs, like "Gentlemen Prefer Bronze," the advertisement for the newest gasoline brand, and the Conoco Travel Bureau, which provides drivers free travel information marked with the location of Conoco service stations.

Conoco Travel Bureau
Inside the travel bureau
old sign
Travel Information 



A Very Good Year

Conoco hands out 5,000 bonus checks worth $770,000 – one of the largest bonuses bestowed by any company that year.
Conoco offices



Petroleum to Politics

E.W. Marland is elected governor of Oklahoma.



New Pipeline, New Products

Conoco builds the Great Lakes pipeline connecting Ponca City with Chicago and creates many new products, among them the first lubricant to reduce engine friction. Conoco’s Germ-Processed Motor Oil is a hit, testing successfully against other brands in contests across Death Valley and in the Indianapolis 500.



Phillips Acquires Independent Oil and Gas Co.

Phillips begins to increase refining and retailing capacities, acquiring the Independent Oil and Gas Company.
gas retail station

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