Our History

Our history illustrates a relentless commitment to safety, a passion for innovation and an ability to adapt to a dynamic marketplace. From the earliest discoveries of oil and the revolutionary improvements that followed to the technological advances that altered the course of history, ConocoPhillips has a long history of improving life for people and communities.​​​



Phillips invents polyethylene plastics and discovers and develops a new process to produce high-density polyethylene resins, launching Phillips’ entry into the plastics business.


The Wham-O “Hula Hoop,” made from Phillips Petroleum polyolefin plastic trademarked “Marlex,” sells 25 million in just two months, sparking a national fad.



Conoco funds a new $2 million research facility in Ponca City; expands refineries in Ponca City, Baltimore, Denver and Lake Charles; and erects a new refinery in Billings, MT.


Phillips pioneers the first shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Alaska to Japan.