Our Pipelines

Key Pipelines where ConocoPhillips is a Joint Interest Owner

​The 800-mile Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, or TAPS, transports petroleum liquids produced on the North Slope to south-central Alaska. Since its inception in 1977, more than 16 billion barrels of oil have moved through the pipeline and loaded onto more than 19,000 tankers at the Valdez Marine Terminal. More than half of the pipeline runs above ground – an engineering decision due to Alaska’s prevalent permafrost terrain. TAPS’ visibility as it crosses Alaska’s terrain has made it one of the world’s most photographed pipelines. We have a 28.3% ownership interest in TAPS, in addition to interests in the Alpine, Kuparuk and Oliktok pipelines on the North Slope.

The Norpipe system is a 220-mile pipeline which carries crude oil from Ekofisk in the North Sea to a crude oil stabilization and natural gas liquids processing facility in Teesside, England. We own a 35.1% interest in the Norpipe in addition to a 1.9% interest in Norwegian Continental Shelf Gas Transportation (Gassled), which owns most of the Norwegian gas transportation infrastructure.