Whether we’re producing offshore Norway or the Gulf of Mexico, we continue to apply technologies to enhance recovery while operating safely.

Our Ekofisk operations span more than 40 years, and we’re still finding new ways to use technology to produce more energy. In 2012, the first intelligent well in the Greater Ekofisk area entered production. These wells represent a key to optimizing production, as engineers can manipulate downhole valves from the surface, allowing hydrocarbon-producing zones to remain open while water-producing zones are closed. This improves oil production, reduces costs, decreases risk and allows engineers to adjust the wells to adapt to changes in the reservoir.

In the Gulf of Mexico, our engineers implemented and maintain many leading technologies in the industry. For example, at our Magnolia Platform, real-time monitoring devices in our wells track temperature, pressure and other parameters that are significant for well-performance optimization and reservoir management. And a state-of-the-art distributive control instrumentation system enables technical personnel to both monitor and manage well operations from centralized control rooms and fully monitor all well, process and platform stability readings remotely from anywhere in the world.