We recognize biodiversity as a vital factor in human well-being and understand its importance for maintaining ecosystem health. With an increasing number of species considered to be at-risk or threatened, and an increasing number of protected areas established to conserve habitats, evaluation and mitigation of our potential impact on biodiversity is one of our priorities.

Our Focus

We have a risk-based approach and integrate biodiversity strategy and risk management into our business processes. Our corporate action plan focuses on the following areas:

  • Understanding our infrastructure footprint needed on the land or the sea for exploration and production operations.
  • Managing operations through integrated risk-based decision-making.
  • Addressing risks and opportunities through technology and innovation to reduce our infrastructure footprint including consideration of offsets.
  • Recognizing that a landscape-scale perspective enables a better understanding of the importance of ecosystem services to communities and promotes habitat integrity and connectivity over a broader area than just our infrastructure footprint.
  • Engaging externally through collaboration with industry peers and joint ventures, regulatory agencies, academia, non-government organizations, local communities and indigenous peoples to understand and develop an increased capacity for managing biodiversity risks.
  • Building capacity through the sharing of experience and good practices for managing biodiversity risks.

Our Expectations

Through this approach we manage our biodiversity risks and develop and implement innovative protective measures and mitigations in support of habitat conservation and ecosystems sustainability. Through our individual and collaborative efforts, we strive to align our actions with societal values for biodiversity and to support improved performance across the industry for conserving biodiversity.