ConocoPhillips supports energy education

For the last ten years, ConocoPhillips has been helping provide math and science teachers with resources they can use to teach science and energy thanks to a collaboration with the National Energy Education Development (NEED) project.

NEED is a non-profit organization focused on teaching teachers and students about energy. Each year, NEED conducts workshops for elementary, intermediate and high school math and science teachers. During the workshops, teachers receive hands-on training and materials they can incorporate into their classrooms. Topics range from energy production, energy conservation to alternative energy sources. In addition, teachers learn about exploration, production and the various ways oil and natural gas are used in our daily lives. At the conclusion, teachers receive five, age-appropriate kits and experiments they can use in their classrooms.

Workshops are available at no cost to participating teachers, and schools are reimbursed for the cost of the substitute teacher.    

Since 2007, ConocoPhillips has sponsored NEED workshops in 95 cities throughout 35 states. More than 6,000 educators have attended a workshop, and more than 5 million students have learned about energy over the life of the program. Recently, ConocoPhillips awarded NEED $250,000 to continue its activities.

Numerous workshops will be held across the country in 2018.  To sign up for a NEED workshop, visit

2018 Workshop Locations

August 29, 2018                    Baton Rouge, LA
September 11, 2018            Houston, TX
September 14, 2018            Kenedy, TX
September 18, 2018            Lake Charles, LA
September 19, 2018            Midland, TX
September 19, 2018            Bartlesville, OK
September 25, 2018            Alton, IL
September 25, 2018            Carson, CA
September 26, 2018            Carlsbad, NM
October 2, 2018                    Thornton, CO
October 3, 2018                    Linden, NJ
October 3, 2018                    Ponca City, OK
October 3, 2018                    San Antonio, TX
October 4, 2018                    George West, TX
October 4, 2018                   Aurora, CO
October 9, 2018                   Santa Barbara, CA
October 10, 2018                 Bismarck, ND
October 17, 2018                 Boston, MA
October 19, 2018                 Pittsfield, MA
October 23, 2018                 Billings, MT
October 25, 2018                 Gonzales, LA
October 30, 2018                 Mars, PA
December 4, 2018               Odessa, TX