ConocoPhillips Announces Intended Sale of Exploration Blocks Offshore Senegal

ConocoPhillips to Hold Second-Quarter Conference Call on Thursday, July 28

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Uncertainty: Business as Usual

Don Hrap, president Lower 48, delivered a keynote address at the 24th Annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference on May 25, 2016. Hrap provided a historical context for the current industry downturn; detailed the prospects for a recovery; and took the audience through the industry’s response and the role states can play to foster pragmatic regulations moving forward.

Speeches & Presentations

The Energy Renaissance – And What Its Price Cycles Mean to You

Ryan Lance, Chairman and CEO, speaks at the Detroit Economic Club on May 25, 2016. Lance discusses how oil and gas are essential to everyday life, the energy renaissance and its many benefits and more.

ConocoPhillips Announces Quarterly Dividend

ConocoPhillips Reports First-Quarter 2016 Results; Announces Revised 2016 Capital Expenditures Guidance

Deserving Math Teachers Receive Top Recognition from ConocoPhillips

ConocoPhillips to Hold First-Quarter Conference Call on Thursday, April 28

Speeches & Presentations

Driving Progress in the Energy Downturn

Ryan Lance, Chairman and CEO, speaks at the Detroit Economic Club on March 31, 2016. Lance discusses the U.S. now being the world's leading oil and natural gas producer, low commodity prices impacting the industry and economy, then energy renaissance is here to stay and more.

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ConocoPhillips Announces Winners of 2015 Supplier Recognition Award Program