Compensation, Benefits & Wellness

We offer competitive, performance-based compensation packages and have global equitable pay practices. Our global benefits are competitive, inclusive and align with our culture. We provide family-friendly policies such as flexible work schedules, paid leave to care for seriously ill family members, and parental leave in many locations. Our retirement and savings plans provide a foundation for employees to secure their financial futures and are competitive with local markets.

In 2018, we expanded our benefits to help U.S. employees, including those in remote locations, access specialized healthcare facilities for complex procedures. An employee was able to use this benefit to receive a lifesaving organ donation from a colleague.

Our global wellness programs encourage healthy behaviors, empower employees to understand their potential health risks, and provide them with opportunities to improve their overall health. Globally, 75% of employees participate in voluntary biometric screenings. Combined with outputs from our wellness programs, we have seen a decline of global obesity and blood pressure metrics over a three-year period.

Energy in Action!, a signature global, friendly competition, attracts thousands of employees annually to get active, have fun and achieve a heart-healthy activity level. In 2018, we had over 2,400 participants, and around 64% achieved the heart-healthy activity level. 

All employees have access to our employee assistance program, and many of our locations offer custom programs to support mental well-being. Each year, we spotlight World Mental Health Day to reinforce how employees can improve and maintain their emotional and mental health. In the U.S., we also recognize National Disability Employment Awareness Month by spotlighting a series of topics, such as neurodiversity and fostering an inclusive workplace.