SAILING HOME | The Aasta Hansteen hull and topsides begin their journey from the Stord shipyard, where they were recently mated, to the development location in the Norwegian Sea, 186 miles offshore Norway. The platform was named for a Norwegian painter, writer and early feminist; a naming ceremony was held on Women's Day, March 8, 2018. The Aasta Hansteen development is a gas discovery in a water depth of 4,265 feet. First gas is targeted by late 2018. The development includes the Polarled Pipeline, which will transport gas to the onshore processing facility at Nyhamna. ConocoPhillips has interests in these facilities of 4.5 percent and 1.7 percent, respectively. | Photography by Espen Roennevik, courtesy of Statoil

BAKKEN BISON | A majestic bison warily eyes the photographer while grazing in Theodore Roosevelt National Park near the heart of North Dakota’s oil-rich Williston Basin. The 70,446-acre park comprises three geographically separated areas of badlands in western North Dakota. | Photography by Patrick Currey | March 2018

SPICING UP LIFE IN INDONESIA | In 2014, when the price of rubber plummeted, seven women whose husbands were rubber farmers sought to boost their families’ income. Through one year of training supported by ConocoPhillips, the women learned marketing and sales skills. Based on resources available in their village, they decided to produce banana chips (left), crackers made from cassava (right, a starchy root vegetable also known as yuca and manioc) and sambal (center), a pepper-based spice blend used in Indonesia to season catfish. Weekly, the women produce 60 kilos of crackers and 20 kilos of sambal for distribution to more than 250 outlets in Palembang, capital city of the South Sumatera province. The products will be available for purchase at the Asian Games 2018 in August. |  Photography by Patrick Currey  | February 2018