CARD project team recognized with prestigious legal award

ABOVE: Back row left to right: George Pawloski, supervisor, Litigation Support & Legal Systems; Billy Hindman, analyst, Digital Forensics; Sheldon Patterson, analyst, Litigation Services; Jay Handlin, systems analyst, Litigation Services; and Josh Cain, technology coordinator, Litigation Support
Front row left to right: Mike Stinson, manager, Litigation Services & Legal Systems; Sheila Bagozzi, IT business partner; and Clint Davis, team lead, Digital Forensics

A ConocoPhillips team from the Legal, Information Technology (IT) and Commercial groups recently received a Corporate E-Discovery Hero Award, in the Guardian Award category, for developing and implementing an application for commercial compliance and industry leadership in Office 365.  

 “It is an honor to be recognized externally within the general legal community for this achievement,” said Mike Stinson, manager, Litigation Services & Legal Systems. “This was a collaborative effort. By repurposing another system instead of buying a new one, we saved a significant amount of money. The system is at the legal forefront and will continue to pay dividends down the road.”  

The team got strong support from Janet Carrig, senior vice president, Legal, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary; Laura Robertson, deputy general counsel, Litigation, Arbitration & Employment; and Mark Cowan, associate general counsel, Commercial.  

When ConocoPhillips moved to the cloud through the deployment of Office 365, the company’s Legal group had to ensure that all compliance and litigation obligations were addressed in a cost-effective manner. Clint Davis, team lead, Digital Forensics, founded the Microsoft e-discovery client advisory board, which has allowed ConocoPhillips to remain at the forefront of its peers in the adaption and implementation of Office 365 while staying compliant with regulation and litigation requirements.     

In response to new regulations in the U.K., ConocoPhillips has recently repurposed Legal’s Servient Artificial Intelligence document review tool to enable trade monitoring by the Commercial Compliance team. The program increases accuracy while reducing time and cost. It also provides an end-to-end solution for the team.  

The Hero Awards, presented by Zapproved, honor e-discovery experts and corporate legal professionals who demonstrate excellence in e-discovery strategy, technology, process, teamwork and overall influence and achievement. The Guardian Award category honors corporate professionals who protect their organizations from risk by building defensible and secure processes and systems for e-discovery and litigation response. Entries are graded anonymously by a respected panel of federal judges and legal experts.

TEAM MEMBERS: Michael Stinson, Clint Davis, Sheila Bagozzi, Diana Ramberansingh, Brian Tran, George Pawloski, Jay Handlin, Billy Hindman, Chris Clements, Kate Christenbury, Sheldon Patterson, Clint Davis, Todd Judice, Pat Beahan, David Talbot, Ray Mitten, Keith Martin, Kelly Cook, Felix Jacob, Adrian Hyde, Josh Cain, Dan Chisum, Aji George, Adam Smothers, Tyler Marion, Kevin Tranchita, Robert Bonner, Brian Staton, Tyler Marion, Adam Smothers and Andre Massey