Misty Alexa, operations manager on the western North Slope, is featured in ‘Brainpower,’ a commercial produced by American Petroleum Institute (API) that has been running online as well as on major television networks.

Alexa spent a few days filming the commercial, working with industry peers including engineers, data scientists and geophysicists who are “turning brainpower into horsepower” per the commercial’s tagline. The experience, she said, was “crazy.”

“In some ways it’s similar to our industry — people think that oil and natural gas just come out of the ground, but it really takes a lot of people working together. It’s like an analog to making this commercial. It takes a lot of effort to make what will be a really short commercial,” laughed Alexa.

A profile video of Alexa has been promoted on social media. In this short highlight video, she touts the industry’s commitment to responsible development and safety. It has been viewed more than 62,000 times, one of the highest performing videos in the behind-the-scenes series.

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