2017 Global Analytics Symposium showcases achievements, opportunities

by Trecia DeMont

The transformative power of data analytics took center stage in August at the company’s second annual Global Analytics Symposium.  

logoSponsored by the Analytics Innovation Center of Excellence (AICOE), this year’s symposium expanded collaboration between Information Technology (IT) and the business, showcasing the many ways analytics is being used.Analytics Innovation Manager Rich Barclay and Eagle Ford Integrated Operations of the Future Manager Dustin Ernst, presented Creating the future: How you can impact the future of ConocoPhillips. “It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you put powerful tools into the hands of capable people,” said Ernst. “I’ve seen first hand the profound impact data analytics applications are having in the Eagle Ford. I believe that continuing to grow our analytics acumen is critical to the future and durability of our business.”

Barclay with mic
Rich Barclay

With more than 50 presenters and 400-plus attendees, the three-day symposium featured a wide range of topics showcasing successes, technologies and strategies. Hands-on labs were a popular new offering. Over 100 people took advantage of the opportunity to learn about two powerful visualization software applications, Spotfire and JMP.

“It was exciting to see our technologists and inventors talk about how integral the use of data analytics capabilities is to their work,” said Ernst. “These experts are creating the new way of doing business at ConocoPhillips.”

Ernst with mic
Dustin Ernst

Analytics efforts thrive in an environment where people from across disciplines collaborate to solve complex business challenges.

“Analytics enable smalls teams to make tremendous impacts,” said Barclay. “It breaks down silos of information and practices and can bring together subject matter experts with different insights to look at difficult problems. “

Feedback from the event was positive and reflected a growing enthusiasm for a more open exchange of ideas and best practices.

“The symposium helped connect our efforts in Canada with the broader community and identify opportunities for collaboration,” said Patrick Stanley, supervisor, Data Analytics & Integrated Planning, ConocoPhillips Canada. “We gained a lot of insight from seeing how other business units are developing functional workbenches that leverage integrated data as a hub for key workflows. That insight will be helpful as we push to enhance data-driven decisions across our business.”

Stanley headshot
Patrick Stanley

Barclay views data analytics as a transformative, differentiating technology for the company.

“It offers the ability to innovate, experiment and improve results at every level — without significant cost,” he said. “The presenters demonstrated the excitement of these technologies and hopefully helped others discover their potential to make a difference and ‘invent the future.’”

Closing out Wednesday’s event, Greg Leveille presented “How We Are Going to Win in an Industry Undergoing Transformational Change,” explaining how data analytics will play a crucial role in achieving that outcome.

“This year’s symposium was another important step towards melding our company’s data analytics professionals and our colleagues in the BUs and functions into integrated teams that can leverage the power of analytics to dramatically improve business results,” said Leveille. “We’ve made significant progress, and we have a lot ahead of us. Together we can make ConocoPhillips an industry leader in creating value through the application of analytics.”