How do I contact the Owner Relations Unit?

See contact options below. Please have your ConocoPhillips Owner Number and your Social Security/Tax Identification Number on hand. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday-Friday Central Standard Time.


ConocoPhillips Company, Attn: Owner Relations Unit
P.O. Box 5050
Bartlesville, OK 74005

Phone or e-mail

Visit our Contact us page.
Fax: (918) 661-5544
Web: Interest Owners

How can I see my payment detail online or be set up to receive payment detail via Oildex Owner Relations Connect over the Internet?

  1. Access the ConocoPhillips Owner Relations Oildex page at (Alternatively from the site, you can use the Owner Relations Login link to reach the page.)
  2. On the ConocoPhillips Owner Relations page, returning users can login with their User ID and Password.
  3. If you are a first time user, click the I am a first time user link. You will be taken to another page requesting User ID and Temporary Password. User ID - Enter your 10-digit owner number as shown on your payment details. Temporary Password - Enter the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number or tax-id associated with the owner number. Then click Login

How do I read my payment detail?

To display payment explanation, click here.

What if I haven't received my check?

If your check is more than 15 days late, please contact the Owner Relations Unit as shown above.

What if my check was lost?

If your check is lost or stolen, contact the Owner Relations Unit as shown above.

Can I receive my revenue payment via Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer)?

You can elect to receive your revenue payment via Direct Deposit filling out the Direct Deposit Form, or by contacting the Owner Relations Unit.

How do I change my address?

You can change your address on record filling out the Address Change Form, or by writing to the Owner Relations Unit as shown above.

How are adjustments to checks handled?

ConocoPhillips works to disburse revenues in accordance with the owner’s Lease Agreement and State Statutes. If an error or discrepancy is discovered a correction will be made and an adjustment will result. For instance, ConocoPhillips may be given inaccurate production figures or pricing from the transporter. An adjustment would then be required.

What is the value of my mineral interest?

ConocoPhillips does not provide appraisals for leases. However, you may contact a royalty broker or local bank in the county where the leases are located.

What about sales of interest? Royalty Interest (RI), Working Interest (WI) or Overriding Royalty Interest (ORI).

Provide a copy of the appropriate conveyance filed of record in the county in which the property is located.

What about estate proceedings?

Owner dies (testate) and probate proceedings are to be conducted in the same State in which the properties are located:

  • If probate is filed: copy of Last Will and Testament, order admitting will to probate and letters testamentary.
  • When probate is completed: all of the above, plus evidence debts and taxes have been paid, Final Decree of Distribution (if appropriate) and appropriate recorded conveyances.
  • Owner dies (testate) and probate proceedings are to be conducted in a State other than the State(s) in which the properties are located: ancillary Probate proceedings will be required in all affected states and appropriate recorded conveyances.
  • Owner dies (intestate): Letters of Administration, Heirship affidavit (individual state laws of descent and distribution will apply as appropriate), evidence that debts and taxes have been paid and appropriate recorded conveyances.

What is needed for name changes?

An individual’s name changes due to marriage, divorce, etc.: a copy of marriage certificate, divorce decree reinstating maiden name or other document effecting name change.

Company or Corporation Changes its name only: Certificate of Name Change (verification of Tax ID to be used should be included).

Company or Corporation’s name changes due to merger: Certificate of Merger (verification of Tax ID to be used should be included).

What is needed for trusts?

  • If a Trust is created: copy of Trust Agreement and appropriate recorded document conveying to Trust.
  • If a Trust is terminated: copy of the Dissolution of the Trust and appropriate recorded conveyance.

What is needed for guardianship changes?

  • If owner is declared incompetent: Letters of Guardianship naming guardian.
  • If owner, previously “a minor,” reaches legal age: copy of birth certificate.