We have a corporate waste management standard to ensure waste is disposed properly and to reduce associated risk and liability. Business units must document, categorize and characterize each waste stream, including hazardous waste, and identify recycling, treatment and reuse and/or disposal options. Transportation, handling and record keeping requirements are also set by the standard. Business units also consider options to minimize each waste stream and plan for jurisdiction-specific handling and training requirements for hazardous waste. Third party commercial waste facilities are audited and evaluated at least once every five years. Those handling waste at the business unit level are trained according to local procedures and regulatory requirements.

Total Hazardous Wastes Generated 2019 Waste Profile

The amount of hazardous waste generated in 2019 was 21,900 tonnes, an increase of approximately 16% compared to 2018. The increase was driven primarily by increased drilling in Norway and Canada and disposal of contaminated debris and soil due to spill cleanup and remediation at a drilling site in Canada.