Australian Opportunities

 An Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plan is in place for the Barossa Project, in compliance with the Australian Jobs Act 2013.  The plan considers how Barossa will provide full, fair and reasonable opportunity to Australian industry to supply goods and services to the project.

ConocoPhillips Australia has engaged the Industry Capability Network (ICN) to assist with Australian vendor identification for Barossa. 

The ICN Gateway website is being used to promote and publish project work packages to Australian industry. To register for potential opportunities on the Project please visit the ICN Gateway website.

Supplier briefings were held in Perth and Darwin in mid-2018 to raise awareness of work packages on the project. Around 200 attendees, representing 100 companies attended the briefings to discuss the opportunities for Australian businesses.

Link to: ConocoPhillips AIP Plan Summary 

Barossa Gateway