Our History

ConocoPhillips History

Our history illustrates a relentless commitment to safety, a passion for innovation and an ability to adapt to a dynamic marketplace. From the earliest discoveries of oil and the revolutionary improvements that followed to the technological advances that altered the course of history, ConocoPhillips has a long history of improving life for people and communities.​​​

1929 timeline

Conoco vintage logoMarland and Continental Merge

June 26, 1929 - Marland Oil merges with Continental Oil and Transportation Co., forming a new company known as the Continental Oil Company (Conoco). The company owned nearly 3,000 wells and thousands of retail outlets in 30 states and was headquartered in Ponca City, OK.

Conoco vintage logo1000 Service Stations, 15 States

Over 20 years, Continental Oil establishes more than 1,000 service stations in 15 states, each emblazoned with the trademark Continental soldier. It also begins production and refining of crude oil, merging with several other producers yet always retaining the name Continental Oil.

1928 timeline

J.P. Morgan Jr.J.P. Morgan Jr. and Marland Oil

Financier J.P. Morgan Jr. obtains control of Marland Oil after oil profits fall. Since his bank had previously extended a $5 million line of credit to Marland, Morgan was able to oust him as president, replacing him with former Texaco executive Dan Moran.

1927 timeline

First Phillips Filling Station

Phillips begins selling gasoline in Wichita, KS, the first of more than 10,000 service stations across the country. Phillips enters the refining business by acquiring its first refinery near Borger, TX. The Alamo Plant was soon renamed the Borger Refinery.
First Phillips Filling Station

1926 timeline

Aviation Fuel Innovations

Phillips forms its Aviation department and designs the first aviation refueling trucks. Additionally, the company develops a new, lighter, more efficient Phillips aviation fuel that powers the first flight between the U.S. and Hawaii.
Aviation Fuel

1922 timeline

Marland Oil Company Grows

E.W. Marland controls one-tenth of the world’s oil reserves, and Marland Oil Company employs more than a third of Ponca City’s population.

1920s timeline

First to Market Propane for the Home

Phillips is the first to develop and market propane for home heating and cooking - Philgas.
Propane used in the home

1917 timeline

Phillips Petroleum Company Founded

Brothers Frank and L.E. Phillips establish Phillips Petroleum Company, headquartered in Bartlesville, OK.
Phillips Brothers

1913 timeline

Standard Oil and Continental Oil Split

The U.S. Supreme Court orders Standard Oil to relinquish control of Continental Oil and Transportation Co. in an attempt to prevent a monopoly.

1911 timeline

Oil in the Mid-Continent

E.W Marland strikes oil from a well on land leased from the Ponca Indian tribe in Ponca City, OK. The well provides the first real evidence of oil in the mid-continental region, sparking the equivalent of a gold rush for oil. After quickly building a refinery, Marland incorporates Marland Oil Company to market the refined output and builds hundreds of service stations.
Oil in the Mid-Continent