Our Approach to Engaging Stakeholders

ConocoPhillips' stakeholder engagement activities are an integral part of our sustainable development commitments

Community and Social Investment 

We take pride in being a great neighbor and a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we live and work. We support the priorities of and contribute to the well-being of these communities through charitable giving, employee volunteerism, and civic leadership. These efforts support community needs related to education, health and safety, natural resources, arts, civic and social services and disaster relief programs. Management system indicators provide a concise view of the business practices that support our commitment to community and social investment. 

Our charitable investments are framed around three pillars that align with the company’s core values and business strategies: signature programs, local contributions and employee giving programs.

  • Signature Programs: In order to implement a more focused and impactful Charitable Investments program, ConocoPhillips’ Signature Programs are focused on two strategic causes:
    • Water and biodiversity stewardship (global): Focused on strategic and innovative projects that more effectively and efficiently advance water and biodiversity conservation efforts.
    • Math education (Houston, Texas): Focused on improving student engagement and performance in pre-Algebra and other core math subjects, and increasing teacher effectiveness in these subject areas. 
  • Local Contributions: We recognize that a community may also have unique needs beyond water and biodiversity stewardship and math education. To address these vital needs, local contributions are available to support other education, health and safety, natural resource, arts, civic, social services and disaster relief programs.
  • Employee Giving Programs: We also encourage employees and retirees to become personally involved in the well-being of the communities where they live and work. To support these efforts in the U.S., ConocoPhillips offers Employee Giving Programs, such as Matching Gift and Volunteer Grants, which provide monetary contributions to qualified charitable organizations after eligible ConocoPhillips employees and retirees have made a personal contribution or volunteered a set number of hours at that organization.

Additionally, we measure and monitor our contributions to the economies of local communities where we work and the broader society through jobs, taxes, investments, charitable giving and employee volunteerism. We also promote economic growth in communities where we operate by purchasing goods and services locally, focusing social investment on sustainable economic development initiatives, and we give local contractors and suppliers the opportunity to participate in projects through a competitive bid process. In several areas, we also support organizations building the capacity to increase local hiring and local supplier capability over time.