Supply Chain Sustainability


​Supplier Expectations

Our commitment to our SPIRIT Values of Safety, People, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork extends beyond our own activities. It is essential that our suppliers also remain aligned with those values to ensure operating excellence. Our contracts require that suppliers be guided in their performance for ConocoPhillips by the principles and standards set forth in the ConocoPhillips Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and their own ethics and conduct policies. We have developed our Supplier Expectations to provide additional clarity to our suppliers regarding our expectations in these areas: integrity; labor and human rights; health, safety, and environment; and supplier inclusion. Including these clear expectations and standards in our contracts means that sustainability considerations are included in total cost of ownership evaluations, quality audits, and our ongoing discussions with suppliers on performance indicators and continuous improvement.Supplier Expectations
We emphasize promoting local and diverse sourcing and supplier capacity-building in our procurement and we expect our suppliers to do the same.

We expect to do business with qualified suppliers that share our values, whether minority-owned, women-owned, or small business enterprises, or global, local or indigenous suppliers around the world. 

Local Content and Employment

We place a high priority on purchasing goods and services locally and are committed to giving local contractors and suppliers the opportunity to participate in projects and operating requirements, generally through a competitive bidding process. We also look for opportunities to develop local suppliers and promote local hiring as appropriate to meet business needs.

U.S. Supplier Diversity

In the U.S., we do business with diverse companies and continue to give them access to business opportunities through our Supplier Diversity Program. This approach attracts qualified suppliers, stimulates local economic development, and creates long-lasting social and economic benefits in our stakeholder communities. Through our Supplier Diversity program, we actively participate in certifying and developing diverse and small local businesses in the United States.
Supplier Expectations
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