Risk Register & Action Plan

The 2018 Risk Register includes three broad categories for water: secure access to source water supply, produced water management and induced seismicity. Mitigation actions can range from routine to one or multiyear specific projects to long-term programs. Risks included in the register are generally applicable to specific business units or regions but can apply to several business units or globally.  

Risks 2018 Mitigation Actions 
Secure Source of Water Supply
  • Conduct options analysis to address projected water resource shortage for development projects.
  • Construct central facilities and install pipeline infrastructure to enable produced water recycling.
  • Update project life-cycle water strategies.
  • Engage with local communities to support water infrastructure development.
Produced Water Management
  • Update project life-cycle produced water disposal strategy.
  • Environmental monitoring of produced water discharges.
  • Develop toxicity testing baseline for produced water discharges.
  • Demonstrate 'as low as reasonably practicable' (ALARP) discharge concentrations.
Induced Seismicity
  • Develop subsurface containment model for disposal wells.
  • Link risk-based Global Induced Seismicity Guideline to corporate standards.
  • Conduct internal monitoring of local seismicity and use data for disposal well placement risk assessments.
  • Design for flexibility in disposal well options.

Water-related risks and action plans are regularly reviewed by the Water Issues Working Group with the objective of sharing water risk learnings across the company. Emerging risks and challenges and other business unit priorities and regulatory requirements are also discussed. The group’s members are onshore and offshore water subject matter experts, advisers, team leads and managers representing our global exploration and production portfolio.

Water risks, regulatory requirements and business unit priorities are managed at the business unit level, enabling tailored, region-specific business goals to address unique challenges and opportunities.