Our Climate Change Action Plan addresses the significant or high risks from our Sustainable Development (SD) Risk Register and includes milestones over a number of years.  

Climate Change Action Plan

Risks 2018 Mitigation Actions and Milestones
GHG Policy
GHG regulations, including carbon taxes
  • Understand baseline levels for various efficiency measures (steam, electricity, etc.) to focus on GHG intensity reduction.
  • Develop regional climate and energy position with regard to regional regulation.
  • Aggregate marginal abatement cost curve for global business units.
  • Review emerging issues with Public Policy Leadership Team each quarter.
  • Complete energy optimization study.
  • Obtain partner approval for power cable to offshore platform.
  • Commence flare gas recovery study.
  • Switch from main power generators to smaller temporary generators at gas terminal to finalize pipeline decommissioning.
GHG Offset requirements
  • Purchase qualifying offsets for compliance with emissions regulations.
  • Monitor regulatory developments.
Emissions and Emissions Management
GHG intensity relative to peers
  • Set up steering committee to oversee innovation focused on greenfield and brownfield sites, emissions detection and combustion alternatives.
Air emissions regulations
  • Monitor air emissions regulations and consult through industry associations.
Climate-Related Disclosure and Reporting
  • Complete standalone global climate-related risk report ready for publication.
Physical Climate-Related Impacts
  • Maintain safety systems and emergency response protocols.

Note: Actions relate to specific business units unless indicated as “global.”