Who is Eligible

The grant seeker must be a 501(c) charitable organization, political subdivision, accredited school, or an international equivalent.

When to Apply

Charitable Investments applications for the following year’s funding consideration are will be accepted annually from April 1 until July 31.

What is Required

Information required in the proposal will include an executive summary outlining the purpose of the program or project, details on how it will be accomplished, expected results, a budget (noting administrative expenses such as salaries and fees, program expenses and total income.)

A substantial percentage of our charitable giving is focused on our two signature programs – water biodiversity stewardship and math education. We recognize, however, that a community may also have unique needs beyond these strategic causes. To address these vital needs, local contributions are available to support other education, health and safety, natural resource, arts, civic, social services and disaster relief programs.

Proposals are evaluated based on alignment with Signature Program long-term goals, metrics and outcomes, innovativeness, collaboration with other entities, proximity to ConocoPhillips areas of operation, and employee and stakeholder engagement.

New charitable organizations are also required to complete the following forms:

These forms should be attached to your CyberGrants grant application.

For additional information on ConocoPhillips Grant Guidelines, click here.