Water & Biodiversity Stewardship

Coral reefs near the Anambus Natuna Islands
Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation


We fund 2 Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation (SMSC) programs – a scholarship for undergraduate students and the ConocoPhillips Water and Biodiversity Graduate Certificate for graduates and professionals. Through the programs students learn the latest techniques and methods available in conservation science, receive the hands-on experience necessary to apply this knowledge, and develop the skills to foster increased collaboration across sectors. Half of the professional program participants live and work in areas outside the U.S., giving the training they receive at the school a truly global reach.


ConocoPhillips Water and Biodiversity Stewardship Certificate program

Undergraduate Scholarship Winners

Spring 2016
  • Madeline Evans
  • Ashley Fortner
  • Maritza Rivas
Spring 2015
  • Raquel Friedmann
  • Christina Teter
Fall 2014
  • Melissa (Mimi) Fuerst
  • Jessica (Jesi) Hessong