Water & Biodiversity Stewardship

With nearly two-thirds of the world’s population predicted to be living in severe water and biodiversity stressed conditions by 2025, we realize that holistic water stewardship and continued innovation are key to solving today’s global water challenges.   Through our Charitable Investments, we partner with communities and institutions to advance conservation, skills building and improved access to technology.  This deep commitment to water and biodiversity also remains important to our operations and is integrated into the planning, exploration, development and production over the life of our assets. 
Conservation International Coral reefs near the Anambas Natuna Islands

ConocoPhillips works with Conservation International (CI) to equip western Indonesian partners with the science, management systems and skills to effectively conserve and manage the Natuna and Anambas Islands' marine ecosystems.

Protecting a Diverse Habitat Map of Natuna

Located near our area of operations within the Riau Islands Maritime Province in western Indonesia, the islands' seascape contains extensive coral reef, mangrove and sea grass ecosystems. Home to highly diverse marine life, Natuna and Anambas Islands also provide vital resources to local communities.

The 1.3 million-hectare Anambas Islands Marine Tourism Park is one of the largest marine protected areas in Indonesia, but overfishing and habitat degradation threaten the sustainability of local communities. In response, CI has implemented a comprehensive 18-month work plan to achieve three critical objectives: complete a rapid assessment program to inform conservation interventions; improve management and conservation through improved local outreach and monitoring; and conduct conservation management training.

In collaboration with government, private sector, scientific researchers and local communities, the project will balance economic uses of the area, including oil and gas, fisheries and tourism, with the conservation of highly diverse ecosystems.

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