Local Community Giving

​​To be a good corporate citizen, we must first be good neighbors. ConocoPhillips addresses the specific needs of the communities in which we live and work through volunteering and local grants. Our donations support education, health and safety, natural resources, the arts, civic and social services and disaster relief.

Angola Landmine Project

Malange Province in AngolaWe sponsored 30 Angolan employees to remove landmines and other explosive remnants of war from a community in the Malanje Province. Working with Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) – Angola, the team demined 55,000 square meters of suspect land. With this gift, ConocoPhillips became one of the largest supporters of Norwegian People's Aid Humanitarian Disarmament Programme, second only to the U.S. Department of State.

Reducing Risk; Improving Economic, Social and Health Development

The population in Cangando village has more than doubled since 2008 and a new primary school nearly borders the mined area. Additionally, the government constructed three water posts in the village, but the water tower designed to supply the water posts was also located inside the mined area, preventing the planned restoration of the water supply to the village.

NPA has demonstrated world-class competency in land mine surveying and removal," said Robert Hirst, manager, HSE Angola. "The objective is reducing risk to a level where people can live safely and where economic, social, and health development can occur without hindrance from landmines.

"In addition to the land mine removal program, ConocoPhillips is also supporting a land mine awareness and education program provided by NPA," said Deena Clayton, principal environmental consultant, ConocoPhillips. "With land mine removal and education programs in 18 countries, NPA's commitment to this cause is evident and complements the ConocoPhillips commitment to improving the well-being of communities in which we operate."

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