The water management priorities of the oil and gas industry are evolving globally in response to physical risks from local water scarcity and changing priorities and expectations of people and society. Managing our operations and projects means:

  • Applying a consistent approach to water risk assessment company-wide
  • Understanding water-related risks and opportunities for our assets
  • Understanding synergies between business, environmental and social drivers
  • Developing fit-for-purpose actions for each asset

Progress on our multi-year plan includes:

Managing Operations & Projects
Complete assessments of global and local water risks for all operations 4
Identify priority risks and mitigation actions and track progress in corporate Action Plans 4
Identify opportunities for reducing freshwater use for priority assets in water scarce regions 4
‚ÄčIdentify opportunities for reducing water disposal or discharges for priority assets 3
‚ÄčIntegrate water into our long-range planning process ‚Äč4

In our operations, long-term well integrity is the key and basic requirement for safe conventional and unconventional onshore and offshore production and protection of water resources. Well management includes all activities throughout the entire life cycle of a well, beginning with initial site selection and ending with permanent well closure.