Engaging externally on water risks and opportunities means:

  • Engaging in collaboration, best practices development and benchmarking with industry organizations both on the regional/local and the global level
  • Collaborating with local and regional community and industry groups
  • Supporting research and educational initiatives

Progress on our multi-year plan includes:

Engaging Externally
Support community engagement for assets in water scarce regions 4
Participate in policy/regulatory development process and public dialogue in regions with priority assets 4
​Monitor and engage on legislation and regulations on access to water resources for key assets with anticipated future changes in water availability 4
​Participate in dialogue with investors on their topics of interest 3

 Our Water Action Plan includes actions with a focus on collaboration and external engagement with IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues.  The IPIECA Water Working Group focuses on developing guidance for freshwater management, promoting greater consistency in identification of water risks, sharing good practices and promoting consistent reporting.

Additionally, we participate in local and regional community and industry groups related to addressing local water risks, including: 

WE2ST Center

The ConocoPhillips Center for a Sustainable WE2ST (Water, Energy Education, Science and Technology) at Colorado School of Mines promotes the joint sustainability of unconventional energy production and water resources through education of energy-water literate graduate and undergraduate students, and by conducting world-class research on both community acceptance of unconventional resource development, and water resources related to unconventional energy production. Read more about the WE2ST Center.